Module devices.dynapse

Dynap-SE2 Application Programming Interface (API)

This package provides an abstract Dynap-SE2 machine that operates in the same parameter space as Dynap-SE2 processors. More, all the required tools to convert a simulation setting to an hardware configuration and a hardware configuration to a simulation setting.

It’s possible to go from simulation to deployment:

  • Define a rockpool network

  • Map this network to a hardware specification

  • Quantize the parameters

  • Obtain a samna configuration

  • Connect and configure a Dynap-SE2 chip

  • Run a real-time, hardware simulation

Simulation -> Device (pseudo-code)
# Define
net = Sequential(LinearJax((Nin, Nrec)), DynapSim((Nrec, Nrec)))

# Map
spec = mapper(net.as_graph())
config = config_from_specification(**spec)

# Connect
se2_devices = find_dynapse_boards()
se2 = DynapseSamna(se2_devices[0], **config)
out, state, rec = se2(raster, record=True)

It’s also possible to go from hardware configuration to simulation:

Device -> Simulation (pseudo-code)
net = dynapsim_net_from_config(**config)
out, state, rec = net(raster, record=True)