Utilities for working with the Xylo HDK SYNS61201

Ideally you should not need to use these utility functions. You should try using XyloSamna and XyloSim for high-level interfaces to Xylo.


export_allram_state(path, config, inp_spks, ...)

Export the all RAM state of a Xylo network over time, for debugging purposes

export_config(path, config, dt)

Export a network configuration to a set of text files, for debugging purposes

export_frozen_state(path, config, state)

Export a single time-step frozen state of a Xylo network

export_last_state(path, config, inp_spks, state)

Export the final state of a Xylo network, evolved over an input

export_registers(read_buffer, write_buffer, file)

Print register contents for debugging purposes

export_temporal_state(path, config, ...)

Export the state of a Xylo network over time, for debugging purposes


Search for and return a list of Xylo HDKs

print_debug_ram(read_buffer, write_buffer[, ...])

Print memory contents for debugging purposes

print_debug_registers(read_buffer, write_buffer)

Print register contents of a Xylo HDK for debugging purposes

read_allram_state(read_buffer, write_buffer)

Read and return the all ram in each step as a state


Clear all Xylo memory


XyloAllRam(Nin, Nhidden, Nout, V_mem_hid, ...)

NamedTuple that encapsulates a recorded Xylo HDK state