Notes for developers

Checklist for releasing a new Rockpool version

  • Make a release candidate branch rc/<version> from develop branch on internal gitlab

  • Make sure the version number in has been bumped. We use semantic versioning: major.minor.maintenance.(postN), where (postN) is only for hotfixes

  • Merge master into rc/... to make sure all changes are merged

  • Push rc/.. to origin

  • Make a merge request from rc/... into master

  • Get all primary developers to review the merge request, ensure that all suggested modifications are included

  • Ensure that all pipelines pass, including manual pipelines

  • Update using git log X..Y --oneline

  • Once the merge has succeeded, delete the rc/... branch

  • Make and push a tag to the master branch for the new version (i.e. β€œvX.Y.Z”)

  • Once all CI tasks have succeeded, a manual CI task β€œpypi_deploy” will be available. Run this task to deploy to PyPI. This task must be run from the internal Rockpool repository

  • A pull request for the conda feedstock should be created automatically by a conda-forge bot. Check and merge this PR to bump the version on conda-forge

  • Bump the version number in the develop branch to something like β€œ”

Headings for

### Added
### Changed
### Fixed
### Deprecated
### Removed
### Security